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Just like all Stratus products, our transponders were designed to be some of the most cost-effective, easily-installed certified avionics available for general aviation. Check out the options below to find the best solution for your airplane.


Stratus ES Stratus ESi Stratus ESG Stratus ESGi
GPS Source Navigator input Navigator input Built-in WAAS GPS Built-in WAAS GPS
Certified ADS-B Out
2020 Compliance
Portable ConnectTM
ADS-B In Receiver
MSRP $2,495* $2,995* $2,995 $3,495
*Introductory price
Stratus OUT

With or without WAAS GPS

Stratus ESG was designed with non-glass panel aircraft in mind. Our simplified solution includes a 1090 ES transponder and certified WAAS GPS in the same box. It’s truly an all-in-one box solution for 2020 compliance.

Stratus ES was built without GPS in order to provide affordable ADS-B Out to aircraft owners who have already invested in WAAS GPS. Stratus ES will make an aircraft rule-compliant when paired with any of the following navigators:
Garmin 430W, 530W, 6XX, 7XX
Avidyne IFD440, IFD540

Stratus IN-OUT

With or without ADS-B In

Both transponders are available in a kit that includes an ADS-B In receiver (Stratus 2i), which was designed to stay plugged into the transponder (tucked behind the panel), benefiting from external antenna signals and aircraft power.

If you already own a portable Stratus receiver, there’s an interface kit available to connect your receiver with the Stratus transponder.
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